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The Emirate Palace, in ABU DHABI United Arab Emirates, is the most expensive hotel ever built on this planet. Construction costs are estimated around $3 billion. The hotel was opened for public in 2005.

The hotel is owned by ABU DHABI government. Although one can expect the hotel to have thousands of rooms, the hotel has in fact less than 400 rooms, 128 kitchen and pantries. Above all, famous Swarovski made especially for this hotel unique crystal chandelier. 'It is perhaps the largest dome over the lobby in the world' says the hotel general manager Willy Optekamp.


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He further adds how a tea is served in the hotel. The coffee is served on a silver tray with rose petals and crystallized sugar, a linen napkin, marzipan croissants and a bottle of imported water.

Nearly 150,000 cubic yards of finest quality marble was imported for its interiors. The hotel has 60 acres of interior space along with 20 restaurants, which are so huge that the hotel manager is now planning to equip the staffs with golf carts to navigate around the corridors of the hotel. The manager jokes and brags about it saying 'If a maid goes to lunch, she may never make it back'.

In the Middle East, when the war is always making the headlines, the smaller and peaceful countries rich in oils are disposing their enormous surplus of cash. The government owned The Emirates Palace is the brightest example of this trend.

The price tag of the hotel may be roughly $3 billion but estimationt easily could be higher by few hundred million. This is just not a big matter for the tiny emirate. Imagine if the oil price rises by a dollar, how many more of these hotels Abu Dhabi can built? Now it has 92 billion barrels reserves, so it makes around 30 new 'palaces'.

Not only the front and the interiors of the hotel are dazzling.  The turndown service is exceptional: staff puts their best effort to make the environment fresh and clean, for instance aromatic lavender fragrance is used for sheets and pillows. The management of hotel is under the belt of an upscale German hotelier, Kempinski Hotels and Resorts. Spending few thousand dollars for a room will give you some trendy and unique treatment. For example, your tub can be filled with champagne, which is on the list of the bath menu.

Hotel services are very friendly and they provide you with good gesture in every corner. Even in beaches, or near by pool, the staffs make sure that their clients get nice time every second of their stay at this hotel.

Emirates Palace offers different prices for rooms. You can get a decent room in $625 a night and or pay $13000 a night if you are fascinated to stay in extravagant room with outstanding room service. The lightning system implicates the true divining looks of the hotel which looks very inspirational during night.

There are still few kinks need to work out for the hotel management.  For example, the connecting doors between many suits are not soundproof. Some early guests complains the overhearing the neighbors which is not a good idea when you are staying in this kind of hotel. There are only few things that hotel needs to resolve. Even many staff members get lost in this huge maze of hallways when they are delivering golf carts.

John Elliott, chief architect of Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, an architectural firm in London, explains the hotel was first envisioned for a government conference and for meeting, but eventually, it became a hotel. Elliott has many experiences in designing palaces; one of them is the palace he designed for Sultan of Brunei. However, Elliott doesn’t want to brag about Emirate Palace as most expensive hotel in the world because he said” "Everybody would be stunned if you said that Buckingham Palace wasn't cost effective."

Emirate Palace has 6 ruler’s suits on the top floor which are only open to royal people from other Persian Gulf countries. The special entrance, Arc de Triomphe-style, is reserved for their motorcades.

The hotel is so huge and has so many employees that the number of guests inside the hotel is always outnumbered by hotel staffs by one to six. Almost all people in the lobby are hotel staffs.

Ronald Schröter, a traveler, who is the owner of sports store in Germany, arrived in the hotel with his girlfriend a day after the official opening. He was sitting in lobby café and was looking stunned and said "This is for kings.” He also admitted the he even didn’t care to ask for the prices.

Emirate Palace is certainly gaining the popularity among the richest people around the world. The luxury accommodation is beyond the imagination. John Elliott said many rulers and several richest sheiks from around the region like what they have seen in the hotel.


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